It should come as no surprise that even after Egypt, Lebanon, and France, the Democrats still refuse to use the phrase “radical Islam.” They choose to do this for political reasons because they are the party of political correctness. That means that you should never generalize anything, even things that are general. Seriously, it’s all a little messed up for many reasons, but I digress.

The Islamic State is 100% the epitome of the phrase. They represent the parts of Islam that are most dangerous, but those parts are still present within the religion itself. The majority of practicing Muslims in America are completely opposed to the actions of the Islamic State. These average Muslim Americans represent Islam without representing radical Islam. The American people are not so stupid that we must be protected from our own ignorance.

The argument from the left is that if they use the phrase “radical Islam” that people will get them confused with Islam. They claim to believe that the American people are too stupid to make distinctions, that we’re too bigoted to know the difference between our Muslim poker buddy and the terrorists who blew themselves up in Beirut. By this logic, Democrats shouldn’t use a lot of terms:

  • Democrats can’t say “White Supremacists” because Americans will think that all Caucasians want to persecute other races. Instead, Democrats should say “Non-Minority Protesters.”
  • Democrats can’t say “New Black Panthers” because Americans will think all African Americans use intimidation techniques. Instead, Democrats should say “Aggressive Political Activists.”
  • Democrats can’t say “Westboro Baptist Church” because Americans will think that all Baptists protest homosexuals and military members. Instead, Democrats should say “Simple-Minded Non-Denominational Instigators.”
  • Democrats can’t say “Starbucks Barista” because Americans will think that all Baristas serve coffee in red holiday cups. Instead, Democrats should say “Affiliated Coffee Brewers of a Secular Posture.”

I know, it sounds silly. The logic is definitely silly, but then again the Democratic party is acting silly when it comes to this topic. They hide behind the guise of defending non-extremist ideology that can be wrongly associated with a particular radicalization of religion when in reality they are simply catering to CAIR and other Muslim organizations and their voters. It’s completely indefensible for three very simple and obvious reasons.

The Islamic State is Practicing Islam

Radical Islam

The left likes to call Islam a religion of peace. They either haven’t read the Koran or they choose to ignore the more truthful commands. The truth is that most practicing Muslims have chosen peace and sought to represent their faith in a non-aggressive manner.

If a Jew decided to stone his children for disobedience, he would be considered someone who was practicing radical Judaism. Unfortunately, the Koran calls for many more actions that are contrary to our western sensibilities. That doesn’t mean that the perpetrators of terrorist acts aren’t Muslims. They’re just radicalized.

Democrats like to believe that these people are fighting western imperialism. They want you to believe that they’re living in despair and they turned to terrorism because they weren’t given enough prosperity. These thoughts represent a fundamental disconnect with the reality of the situation. They aren’t fighting imperialism. They are fighting for their very narrow doctrine which is why they attack other Muslims, even other Sunnis, in the quest to fulfill the caliphate. They aren’t fighting against economic despair, either. Many of those joining their ranks are leaving plush western lifestyles to live in a desert in order to embody their religious convictions.

They are Muslims. They represent Islam. They are doing what the Koran commands them to do. The thing that separates their pronouncements of Sharia law and the caliphate from the peace-loving Muslims of the world is secular pragmatism. In essence, the terrorists and warriors of the Islamic State are radical because they take a stricter stance to the whole of the Koran than peace-loving Muslims. In a way, they are practicing a more pure form of Islam than those who are not terrorists, who are not fighting for the caliphate, and who choose to ignore the more detestable aspects of the Koran.

Stupid Americans Won’t Be Coddled

Islam Protests

The other argument for political correctness is that they don’t want to incite further bigotry. Unfortunately, there are plenty of Americans who hate Muslims. They don’t differentiate between radical Islam and peaceful Muslims. You will not change their minds based upon using politically correct variations of terms. In their minds, Islam is an evil religion and Muslims are evil people.

Don’t coddle them. It won’t work. Don’t attempt to use political correctness to prevent Americans from feeling a certain way. They do or they don’t. They hate or the love. Changing a phrase will not do a single thing to change their minds in a positive direction but it does help to drive more hatred when they see our leaders unwilling to utter something that might offend their voters.

Bigots might be dumb but they’re not stupid. Every time they hear President Obama or the Democratic candidates skirt around the topic of radical Islam by using unaffiliated phrases, they’re only angering the bigots even more.

Peaceful Muslims Can Defend Themselves

Muslims Fighting Against Islamic State

When a Christian group came under fire for promoting hatred towards the President, I didn’t mark it down as something that didn’t represent me. I’m a Christian and with the media citing this Christian group as a hate group, I felt responsible for setting the record straight. I didn’t go to the press to try to separate my beliefs from the beliefs of this group. I went to the group itself to tell them that they were not doing what the Bible calls us to do.

The Democrats are giving the Muslim people a free pass. Thankfully, many of them won’t accept it; there are wonderfully vocal Muslims in this country and around the world who will fight the Islamic State for the evil that they bring to the world. This is their right but it’s also their responsibility. If the terrorists are trying to represent them, they should want to set the record straight.

To do this, they shouldn’t rely on the Democrats to play the game of political correctness. They should be fighting to represent what they feel to be the truth of Islam. When the Democrats try to mask what the Islamic State does as not being within the tenets of the religion, they are actually hurting Muslims who can defend their own religion. They don’t need Hillary Clinton defending their religion. They need all of the Democrats to get out of their way and let them speak for themselves. If that means speaking against the organizations that support (coerce?) the Democrats’ agenda of political correctness, so be it. Non-radical Islam does not need the Democrats keeping them in the shadows.

Call it What it Is

Radical Islam represents the darkest side of the religion. Just because the majority of Muslims do not support it does not take away from the fact that radical Islam is exactly what the name implies. It’s radical and willing to commit evil acts. It’s Islam even if most Muslims choose to practice the peaceful side of their faith. The sooner that our leaders become willing to deal with it directly and call them by their proper name, the sooner that this existential threat to society can be eliminated.

Written by JD Rucker
JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as The New Americana, a Conservative News Aggregator. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.