Going Vertical with Pictures for Pinterest’s Sake

Pinterest Vertical

If the goal is to get attention or exposure on Pinterest, there’s one thing to consider with your pictures: go vertical.

There is a horizontal limit to the size of images while there appears to be no vertical limit at all. Images that are “tall” will shrink down to the horizontal limit but extend down as long as possible.

In the image above, you can see which image stands out (and it’s not just because it’s T-Mobile’s spokesperson Carly Foulkes). The images that are wide do not stand out nearly as much.

Keep this in mind when putting together pages intended to be viewed and shared on Pinterest.

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  1. Elsie

    Clever post! I tend to agree now, but would put out a warning to marketers that their content could soon be viewed as “annoying” and just turn into noise by pintrest users. This could in turn hurt their marketing efforts more.

  2. You must share the tips How to make pics vertically effective for Pinterest .. am i right ?

  3. This is a good example of why you should watermark your images. I had to really search to figure out who deserved credit for this smart pin. #justsayin

  4. Michelle Reese

    I’m confused on the posts that say the sizes should be smaller. So my question to you is first the size canva uses is that the best vertical image size? Second how can you post it to show it vertically? Is it on the laptop or desktop view? I’m using a tablet most of the time because of medical issues where I can’t lift much my back is fused so is that why my view of pins are different?
    I love your articles