The Real Value of Pinterest: Time on Site

Pinterest Time On Site

There are lots of reasons to love Pinterest from a marketing perspective. The challenge is understanding why it’s potentially effective rather than trying to figure out how to work it.

Messaging through social media has always been one of the primary advantages for marketing. It may be hard to get people to sign up for sales or to become a lead worthy of conversion through social media, but the viral spreading of messages and ideas gives the various platforms marketing life. This is an area where Pinterest has an opportunity to excel.

In January, 2012, an average of 89 minutes was spent on the site per user. Compare this to Twitter (21 minutes) and Google+ (3 minutes) and it’s pretty easy to see the difference. Like Facebook (405 minutes) and Tumblr (89) minutes, Pinterest hooks people into the site because of the visual rewards given. This isn’t the case on Twitter or other social media sites and highlights the value of messaging.

There are several Pinterest strategies that companies can try, but at this stage it’s still a matter of getting to know the community. If you want to use Pinterest for marketing, you first have to use it for what it’s designed to do: sharing interesting, informative, funny, or helpful images and videos. Once you have that down, you can use the site to start forming your messaging. If you try to early, you’ll get very little traffic.

This graphic by Statista breaks down the time on site of Pinterest.

Pinterest Time on Site

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  1. This is very interesting.

    I wonder what the correlation between TOS (time on site) and Content Viewed is between these platforms? I wonder if their is more focus within Pinterest as there is with Facebook (which is all over the place in terms of content viewed).

    Good find.

  2. i cant believe that :-@

  3. I’m a big fan of Pinterest and I think it’s great on a personal level and for those who are in a ‘creative’ industry, so to speak, but personally I feel that people are getting waaay to excited at such an early stage.

    This is going to be a case of yet another platform (Google+ springs to mind) that companies are almost pressured into signing up to when in fact it wont actually benefit most of them. (I found a good blog post on there here –

    I get that it’s been around for a couple of years now but it’s only just taken off for business and I feel that no-ones giving it the time to fail. Another G+ example, remember when it started getting a load of traffic and everyone came out with the whole ‘OMG Google+ is better than Facebook’ talk… Less than a year later and look where it’s at now?

    Give Pinterest another few months, then we’ll see how successful it is.

  4. Amanda

    I am a huge fan of Pinterest! It is a great way to procrastinate on anything else you should be doing. I did not find it surprising that people spent so much time on the site because like it was mentioned it is giving visual rewards that is not giving through other sites. I also think it is a way for people to forget about the life they actually live and live in the Pinterest world where everyone is perfectly dressed with the most beautiful homes and best food. It is a way for people to just zone out and not have to think of all the tasks that they have to get done in their real lives. So when you are dreaming of this wonderful like minutes and hours go by in what seems like a few seconds.

  5. It seems that for a commercial enterpise to be a credible member of the pinterest community it will need too make quite a time investment; I wonder if this is what will be required to be an effective marketer on pinterest. % wonder if this means that smaller companies with greater freedom to invest time without a direct return will have a platform where they have the edge over large corporates competing in the same market? certainly it’s an interesting space to watch!

  6. It’s interesting to watch the stats of new social media platforms, especially when the concept seems so simple yet extremely effective and addictive. I’m curious to know if it’s going to work for different types of companies, like corporate brands and companies. The future will tell!

    We wrote an article about Pinterest as well including some other interesting stats.

  7. zac

    Love pinterest and check daily…
    thanks for such a great article

  8. Wade Hooks

    I think that Pintrest is still in the delicate process of finding its identity and where it fits within the social media spectrum. I spectulate that restaurants will have the most to benefit from Pintrest. Food is beautiful when prepared properly and what better way to attract patrons than to show them what they will be dining on.

  9. I was suggested this blog by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my problem. You’re incredible!

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