Pinterest Time On Site

There are lots of reasons to love Pinterest from a marketing perspective. The challenge is understanding why it’s potentially effective rather than trying to figure out how to work it.

Messaging through social media has always been one of the primary advantages for marketing. It may be hard to get people to sign up for sales or to become a lead worthy of conversion through social media, but the viral spreading of messages and ideas gives the various platforms marketing life. This is an area where Pinterest has an opportunity to excel.

In January, 2012, an average of 89 minutes was spent on the site per user. Compare this to Twitter (21 minutes) and Google+ (3 minutes) and it’s pretty easy to see the difference. Like Facebook (405 minutes) and Tumblr (89) minutes, Pinterest hooks people into the site because of the visual rewards given. This isn’t the case on Twitter or other social media sites and highlights the value of messaging.

There are several Pinterest strategies that companies can try, but at this stage it’s still a matter of getting to know the community. If you want to use Pinterest for marketing, you first have to use it for what it’s designed to do: sharing interesting, informative, funny, or helpful images and videos. Once you have that down, you can use the site to start forming your messaging. If you try to early, you’ll get very little traffic.

This graphic by Statista breaks down the time on site of Pinterest.

Pinterest Time on Site

Written by JD Rucker
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