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Just a few months ago Pinterest was the new kid on the block, but now it is firmly the number three social network in the world. Since January 1st the number of users who visit Pinterest daily has grown by 145%. This is great news for marketers as Pinterest is proving to be highly effective for converting sales and driving traffic to websites.

One of the main ways Pinterest helps those selling products is by allowing you to make the price of the product visible. While some people might think this would deter users, pins with prices actually get 36% more likes than those without a price. In many cases a brand’s Pinterest page is becoming even more popular than their Twitter page. The growth and effectiveness being shown by Pinterest is amazing.

One of the main reasons Pinterest is working so well for brands is the visual element. A user is immediately hit with powerful and engaging images that draw them in. By the time they land on your site they know what products they are looking for because they’ve already seen them.

Users also come to Pinterest with the idea that they are going to be shown products that they can purchase. The main reason someone goes on Facebook is to connect with his or her friends. This different mindset already makes people more likely to purchase. Then when you take into account the fact that Pinterest users are connected to their friends and other like-minded individuals they have a much higher chance of seeing products that will actually interest them and that they would consider purchasing. Pinterest isn’t about sharing pictures of you; it’s about sharing pictures that are visually appealing. This difference makes Pinterest the perfect place to hit consumers with high-quality pictures of your products.

Every company trying to sell a product, big or small, should be on Pinterest building a fan base. You may not see the same growth as some larger companies, but the growth you do see will be caused by customers you would have otherwise missed out on. Pinterest has grown up and become a great salesman for your company. Make sure you “hire” him to help your company.

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