The Potential of Pinterest

Pinterest PotentialMake no mistake. Pinterest may be a pretty interface full of recipes, do-it-yourself tips, and pictures of cuddly animals (what social site doesn’t have cute animals anymore?), but the end game is all business.

Unlike most who try to get into social media, Pinterest has a real chance of making it happen even with their late entry into the social race.

Take a look at the infographic below. A few things are clear.

  • They hit at the right time
  • They have an amazing target audience from a business-targeting perspective
  • The site drives traffic
  • The users are passionate

It’s a great recipe for success. The only 3 questions that need to be answered are:

  1. Do they have the right ingredients?
  2. Are the chefs ready for the big leagues?
  3. Do they have the over turned on high enough to cook the site through to 2013?

Cooking analogies on an article about Pinterest – completely unintentional. Really.

Click to enlarge.

Pinterest Infographic

(Via: Monetate. H/T: Auburn Nissan)

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  1. I like Pinterest as well.
    Started using it few days ago, but already fell the traffic coming to my site.

  2. Google “The best email list and social networking tool in the world” and you’ll find We’re looking more and more at Pintrest and agree!

  3. What I liked about Pinterest is it feels real. No major commercialized giveaways; no big brand companies boasting about their products and why they are the best; and best of all no algorithm using my past searches to keep in a social echo chamber (at least to my knowledge its totally randomized according to time and pins or posts).

    It is all about what the people like. Every repin is like an article spreading by word of mouth. I LOVE IT! The people control what they want more of, what they like, and can even “archive” it by repining it themselves.

    So YES it can definitely have huge implications as a social media outlet for business. But as a fan of Pinterest, I’d prefer it if they just stayed out.

  4. Pinterest interests me!By reading this post, this virtual bulletin board surely seems to be a great idea to attract more customers to the site. Like Zile, I too may be able to feel traffic getting directed to my site. What I liked most is the look of the social media site. It surely seems a fun way to do business! However, don’t you think that it is too early to compare it with Facebook, Twitter, and other such giant social networking sites?

  5. I absolutely love Pintrest! The minute that I first joined, I knew that it would be a great way to drive traffic to my website. 🙂

  6. We are just about to start diving into the whole ‘Pinterest for small businesses’ trend. As a branding agency, we couldn’t be more excited to utilize this tool for showcasing our work, highlighting our blog and our behind-the-scenes agency culture. We recently wrote an article about Pinterest, too! Check it out and let us know your thoughts on how business can really start to utilize this great tool.

  7. Shelia Clayton

    Good article, Rocco. I learned about Pinterest in my Introduction to Computer class a few weeks ago. Thanks for providing such an interesting post. I’m going to start using Pinterest real soon.

  8. ada saldi

    Yes, Pinterest has tapped into a market where other social media site have not. Sharing short picture blogs is best for people who do want to share their interest and are not about to write a blog about why. A way to promote a product but not in your face advertising. Targeting an effective audience in social media is hard and even more difficult is getting them to share it to their friends. With Pinterest the potential for small companies to drive people to their sites are more focuses through the knowledge gathered on each board.
    Pinterest is doing something right now, we just have to wait to see if they can foresee changes in the social media platform in order to stay current and have longevity.

  9. Pinterest is user friendly and uncomplicated. It reaches a wide audience and connects to people in an easeful way. We should guy on this one — it is well on the way to being a monumental media site.

  10. I’ve been coming across a lot of posts about Pinterest lately and totally agree to all of you. It’s gained attention and interest over a short span of time because it is certainly user-friendly and easy to navigate. I’m sure there will be other innovations to it in the coming months.

  11. Another benefit of Pinterest for businesses is that google is now indexing Pinterest profiles & private Pinterest boards – great for SEO!