Nissan pushes forward in the social networking arena with more and more innovative ideas. In promoting their new 2013 Altima, they’ve reached out through Facebook with live chats, contests, and interactive events that bring the drivers and the engineers closer together. Once again, Nissan pushes the envelope by tapping in to your inner inventor.

The “Innovation Garage” is Nissan’s newest foray into bringing drivers into the fold. They are actively requesting anyone who’s ever thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” to bring their A-game and put their best, most innovative ideas to the test. Simply visit their site,, login with Facebook Connect, and submit your greatest idea to be voted on by a jury of your peers.

What do you get out of it? Glad you asked. The winner will receive a 2013 Altima, a $50,000 grant to begin making that phenomenal idea a reality, the opportunity to put that idea out on Kickstarter, and of course, bragging rights. What are you waiting for? Go submit an idea and get started on the dream.

Written by Drew Hendricks