Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart and the Right to Decline, NOT Discriminate

I can’t remember the last time I publicly agreed with a celebrity. It’s never been something that I do; celebrities generally know less about important topics than scholars or journalists whose opinion I respect. Often times, they know less about them, particularly when it comes

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Entrepreneurship is a mindset, one that the best among us have utilized to create powerful brands. Accepting the entrepreneurial mindset is not easy, however, and usually involves becoming the odd man out. After all, how can the average person understand wanting something so bad that

Ted Cruz GOP Nominee

Why Everyone’s Wrong About the Growing Republican Field

If you’re a Democrat, you’re probably thinking that there are so many Republicans running for President that it will be hard to decide who to attack. If you’re a Republican, you’re probably groaning every time a new candidate is announced because it means more confusion

Toyota Hilux

Looking Beyond Our Borders at the Toyota Hilux

Other countries have less stringent emissions regulations and overall governmental influence over the vehicles on their roads than the US.  Because of this many manufacturers, including the ones that were born here offer a wide array of vehicles that would not be able to travel

Diverse Content

Forgive Me for Diversifying Soshable Content

Hello friends, fans, contributors, enemies, unknown folks, and alpacas. After seven awesome years of focusing on social media pretty much solely, we’ve decided to expand the scope, posting frequency, and style of this site to include “important” news. While we’ll still be posting plenty about

Market Targeting

Is Selling Allowed on Social Media?

There has always been a thin line between marketing and spamming, between being social and social selling. That line has been getting broader in the last couple of years for a few reasons, most notably because businesses and marketing companies are simply getting better at