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The manual voting process will need to continue and we’ll continue to have to watch the Academy Awards every year. Social media was only able to pick two winners in the five major categories this year. I am disappoint.

Not really. There are always two different popularity contests going on at the Academy Awards. The important one is for Hollywood insiders – those who have a vote get courted, prodded, and lobbied by those who want someone or some movie to win over others. The other one is for the people themselves, but their opinion only matters in that they get to pay for the Hollywood insiders to continue to be Hollywood insiders by going to, buying, or renting movies.

The general public hasn’t seen most of the nominees in a given year. Many of the voters probably haven’t either. It’s all very politicized between Hollywood’s efforts to be fair and balanced (of which they’ve failed lately), their desire to right past wrongs (Whoopi Goldberg lost for The Color Purple but won for Ghost), and all-out politics itself (The Hurt Locker‘s anti-war sentiment made it a certainty for Best Picture).

Still, it’s clear that social media, for all of its predictive abilities, missed this year pretty handily. Flowtown examined what the public was saying prior to the Oscars. Here’s how they voted through social media buzz:

Oscar Twitter

Written by JD Rucker
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