Only 8% of the US Actually Uses Twitter

How we use Twitter

Mark this under “facts that will depress your favorite internet marketer if you have one.”

Despite a tremendous emphasis by both the media and the rest of the social media world, a recent study shows that as few as 8% of those who are on the internet in the United States actually use Twitter. That’s not the whole population; excluded are babies, onlineless elderly, Amish, and those who treat technology like the Amish.

In other words, if everyone you know is on Twitter, you’re probably a geek.

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  1. From the 8% the referral rate is pretty high. I am a big advocate of Twitter for B2B companies. I am curious about the percentage of the world on Pinterest.

  2. its because they dont know about it or they dont know how to twit

  3. The research shows that a large percentage of users rarely or never actually sign on. It’s important to understand your target audience and whether or not they actually use Twitter before spending a huge amount of time on a Twitter strategy. Tweeting if nobody is paying attention isn’t going to get you too far.

  4. Strange; how it’s? only 8% users form US., where as we guys thought it should be including one ‘0’ means 80%.