Online Videos Rise: Where are the Advertisers?

The trends are clear: more people are watching videos online and spending less time in front of the television. Perhaps more importantly, it’s easier to skip television ads thanks to technology such as Tivo than it is to skip ads online. For Worcester Nissan, video is increasingly valuable in attracting and converting online car shoppers. Many other businesses are also finding that video is more alluring than static content alone.

With such clear trends, why are companies not embracing online video advertising more?

This Infographic by our friends at BuySellAds has clear implications, but online video ads are only marginally increasing. When will big business start to understand that branding online is much more cost-effective than through traditional media?


We hope.

* * *

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  1. That is a terrific graphic.
    I also tend to agree with the point of the article 100% and have been saying this for the last 18 months.

    Really the online advertising industry is a relatively new industry for the big corporations. It seems to me a mecca of opportunity for the small and big business owner. Imagine reaching people that are ready for soundbites about products who are prepared to sit through the commercials and might even retain the information.

    It is well known that when the ad is running while you are waiting for a video to load that the user believes the video is actually loading behind it to help with smoother why not utilize that misconception?
    Business’s have a captive audience and don’t even realize it!