Super Tuesday ended very close to the way most expected. Donald Trump underperformed by missing three states when he was expected by many to sweep, but he still had a good night. Hillary Clinton’s night was also dominant, but both we surprised to fail in the one state that voted against the two most corrupt candidates in the race. Oklahoma chose Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders.

There’s really not much to the story. Oklahoma is a right-leaning state but one that has a history of fighting corrupt politicians even if they match ideologies. Democrats in the state have been very critical of President Obama which may be one of the reasons that didn’t take Clinton’s continuation plan as well as most states have. Republicans are mostly conservative with the state in the perennial top 10 furthest to the right, but they aren’t as easily fooled by the Trump sales pitch as others.

As an Okie at heart, even 10 years since leaving there for California, I am proud that my state selected the two most principled candidates. I support Cruz and even though I think Sanders is a socialist mad man, I believe he’s a principled socialist mad man.

Written by JD Rucker
JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as The New Americana, a Conservative News Aggregator. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.