Of All the Years for Trump to Run, Why Do it When the Democrats are So Weak?

Donald Trump Worst Candidate

Since 1996, every Republican nominee for President (yes, even George W. Bush) has been weak. Any of those years, we could have used Donald Trump. He’s the wildcard who could have had a chance against (misleadingly) strong Democratic nominees like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. I would have supported him. This year, we have the strongest group of Republican candidates, any of whom (yes, even Jeb Bush) would have been better than Mitt Romney, John McCain, or Bob Dole.

On the other side of the fence, we have the weakest Democrats running for President. Hillary Clinton has a distinct history of corruption and Bernie Sanders is a crazy socialist. A strong candidate like Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, or Marco Rubio would beat them easily. Even Bush or John Kasich would likely win.

Why are so many Republicans going for the wildcard in the one election where we don’t have to take our chances? I get it. Donald Trump has a great sales pitch and he’s extremely likable with his sound bites. However, he also represents the best chance the Democrats have of pulling off the miracle they need in order to put another Democrat in the White House for four more years.

This image tells of my frustration with the Republican party. We are finally given the opportunity to nominate a real Reagan-conservative and we’re going to counter one of two weak Democrats with the wildcard Republican/Democrat/Businessman/Entertainer hybrid. Makes no sense at all.

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  1. Victor L.

    The fact that the Democrats are weak is exactly why he’s running. This isn’t about making America great again. It’s about making Trump great again. He’s wanted to be President since the 90s at the latest and he’s been waiting for the right moment when he can actually have a chance by pulling the wool over our eyes.

  2. s. Hancock

    That is why I have had serious thoughts about whether Trump is really a GOPe in disguise, entering AFTER Cruz did so that his bombasticy would draw off a lot of people who see him as a great American success story. I really do not believe that the GOPe hates him. I believe that is a ruse. They hate Cruz. They KNOW they can make deals with Trump, but they know for sure that Cruz will not give an inch to them. He will ask the American public to rise up and support Constitutional laws being adhered to, for DC to be reined in, etc.

    I mean, seriously, think about this. What would they not like about Trump? He will make them all feel great, doing deals with everybody so the when he leaves….and he’s stated this on MANY occasions during the debates, campaign trails, etc….he can get what he wants from people. They are happy to “help” him. They know Trump is for Trump and they would be willing to play his games to get what they want. No reduction in government, everything stays as it is, amnesty, TrumpCare will be the single-payer health care system they’ve all been wanting all along…what’s not to like? WHY, America, are YOU falling for this ruse? Use the brains that you were given by your Creator and think things through.

    There was a time when we (husband & I) were talking that maybe we should drop Cruz and go with Trump because his “manifesto” at the beginning liked pretty good and he’d probably win. Trouble is…these are just campaign talking points (that he cannot even stay on task with) and NOT true convictions. They are not core values. A person like him will go back to his real core values and…America will be screwed.

    No, we are going with Cruz. We Trust Ted. We’ve watched him come up through Texas and do marvelous things. This guy is a scholar, a friend to the little people of America that the DC beltway wants to ride over and dump on. He HAS stood with us all on so many important issues. Watch one of his speeches where he talks about the cases he’s won before the SC…not the circuit court, but the SC and won…and if we cannot realize what those victories mean to us today…we may just vote in someone who will allow all those victories to go away…then we’ll know what we lost, but it will be 2-3 generations to get it back. Generations…not elections. Generations. This is how it works.