Now You Can Schedule Status Updates on Facebook Pages

Now You Can Schedule Status Updates on Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages are important to keep updated on a regular basis, but that doesn’t mean we have a lot of time to go to our page and update them at optimal times for posting. Therefore we turn to third-party apps to help us manage various social platforms and schedule all from one spot. With that said, there are many of us that just want to ensure that our Facebook page is maintained and some don’t want to deal with any outside apps or tools to schedule a post and now you do not have to.

For now, you can only schedule Facebook status updates on Facebook Pages which serves as a great on-site tool especially for business pages. It is also very easy to add a scheduled post on Facebook with Facebook.

How-To Schedule a Status Update on Facebook Pages

* Click on your status update box

* In the lower left-hand corner of the box you will see what looks like a tiny clock

* Click on the tiny clock and it will ask you to input the year, date, time, and minute when you want to schedule your post.

* Once you fill in the content you want shared at a later date and time, the “post” button will now read “schedule” once you click to schedule your status update a popup box will appear assuring you of the date and       time of your requested schedule post and will also allow you to view it within your “Activity Log”.



Facebook has made it extremely simple and is a useful feature to use while on Facebook, saving you even more time. Schedule an event or promotion or just to say good afternoon, either way, Facebook has now made your life easier with the Scheduling posts feature for Facebook Pages.


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  1. Informative Erin, i’m using facebook pages very often for my blogs, but never noticed this, thanks for sharing this awesome feature.

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