Facebook Pages reply link comments

The day we all have been waiting for has come for Facebook page owners and admins. The day in which we can directly respond to the people who leave comments on our Facebook Pages without having to tag them or just leaving another comment in your thread.

Facebook sure has improved communication on Facebook Pages with this latest feature by adding a reply link to comments. This means that you can now click “reply” when a comment is left on your page and the person who left it will be notified. This will turn commenting into a nested thread that will be in the comments section but creates a more personal touch between your brand and the commenter.

Some pages will have to enable this feature which will show up on the page for you to not only click to allow but learn more about the reply feature on Facebook.

Facebook Pages reply link comments

Other pages will already have it implemented and may not even know it, so if the above image does not show on your page, another way to see if the reply feature has been added to your Facebook page is to look beneath a comment on the page.


Once you click on the reply link, you will be able to reply to the person directly, instead of scrambling to create a tag or hoping that they will receive the notification from your comment. This way, it makes communicating to people who are communicating with your page a more direct way of chatting and could improve interactions on your page.

The reply you leave for the person will be sent to their notifications and will too be seen upon your page as if you had left just another comment but instead will create a nested thread within the comment thread so it doesn’t become so overwhelming on your Facebook page.


Written by Erin Ryan
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