New Social Media Trend: Social Gifting

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Social gifting is on the rise. What is social gifting you ask? Well, it’s simple. People share their wish list of gifts on social media so others can see what they want and pitch in money to purchase it. It’s a collaborative way to buy expensive gifts for other people. And gifts sure are expensive. The average price for top selling gifts from 2000 to 2011 was $244! That’s a lot of money for just one gift.

The problem is people want gifts that most people aren’t willing to spend the money on. The average cost of a gift people actually want—it’s about $207! People are only willing to spend between $20-$30. So social gifting is a great way to get gifts for people without breaking the bank.

Would you be willing to share your wish list on social networking sites? Are you someone who prefers receiving explicitly requested gift items? Please share in the comments and check out the infographic below presented by Countmein to learn more!


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  1. Hi Brian,
    I think gifting is on the rise. Unfortunately, I think this isn’t the way to go. Why gift a consumer gift that serves no purpose other than pure entertainment? I hope we realize as a society that we can do better than this.

    Eric P. Martin

  2. Hi Eric,

    People have been collaborating on gifts for hundreds of years, this new form of gifting is just being used by a different platform. At CountMeIn, we help friends and families chip-in on gifts across the globe making it easy for people to collaborate together. It’s about making life easier, not entertainment.

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