Never Waste a Facebook Post. Ever.

6 thoughts on “Never Waste a Facebook Post. Ever.”

  1. Jeff Glackin says:

    Great info JD! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Candice says:

    I completely agree! So much chatter and useless posts already exist all over Facebook so why cause your brand to become “one of those”…? Quality over quantity is so important with social media marketing as you should never turn consumers away with meaningless or desperate messages.

  3. Celene Harrelson | The Happypreneur says:

    Good stuff! Unfortunately I was one of those who were taught to just be there numerous times a day, even if you have to throw something up there. (you didn’t teach me that) Anyway, that might have even worked a couple of years ago just a little, but no more! Thanks so much for this post JD. It backs what I’ve been teaching my clients.

  4. JD Rucker says:

    Thanks Jeff, Candice, and Celene for the kind words. Spread the word!

  5. Mary Elizabeth Trapani says:

    I absolutely loved reading this post! We just talked about this in my social media class at school, and I completely agree with it. I find it so annoying when brands try to “buy” their followers. It makes it very difficult to truly build a relationship with the brand and become loyal. As a consumer, I want a brand that gives me content that is relevant and interesting not that just spams my newsfeed.

  6. Katie Shannon says:

    I think you make a very good point. It’s all about content marketing. You don’t just want to throw something up on Facebook/Twitter/etc to meet your quota of posts for the day. Putting meaningless content on your page is the quickest way to get unfollowed or unliked. Consumers already want to avoid advertisements like the plague and they definitely don’t want to see some useless post about your brand that they can’t engage with on their feed. For a while, I was managing the Facebook and Twitter pages for a local non-profit (definitely not the right way). It’s amazing how when you put something meaningful and relatable on your page how many much more interaction you get.

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