Need a Good Recipe? Try the Digg Front Page!

Artichoke RecipeIn its humble beginnings, Digg was a tech-stories site at heart.

The heart has changed over the years, and recently politics have been dominant, appealing to the hearts and minds of the Internet’s Web 2.0 users.

Now, Digg has a different kind of heart.  Specifically, Digg loves artichoke hearts.

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Now, I have to admit that it is refreshing to see something other than the Huffington Post on the front page, but has Digg really become a site about edibles?  A recipe?  I clicked through expecting something different, something shocking, something humorous or different or ANYTHING other than a straight up, simple recipe.  What I found was a recipe.  Nothing special (other than that it is a nice one that I will probably try myself) but a recipe nonetheless.

Digg, what’s happening to you, old friend?

To be fair, here is the recipe itself, which like I said, looks delicious.  Just not sure if it’s social news.

For more rants about social news, click on the link that you just passed.

9 thoughts on “Need a Good Recipe? Try the Digg Front Page!”

  1. drdollars says:

    I can’t believe it either. Oh, to what depths has Digg fallen!!! The spammers are taking over.

  2. Iraq says:

    Heh, this is awesome.. well played.

  3. Jack Alexander says:

    Digg is full of spam and other frivolous b.s. Now if you want something a lot more serious go to Reddit. I was at digg, but got tired of having to wade through all of the junk.

  4. Ari says:

    I hate artichokes… maybe I’ll put up a recipe for the best home-made tortillas or a fabulous farmer’s market salad? :) haha… that said, it IS refreshing to see something other than huffingtonpropoganda and the like… nothing on digg is social news anymore.

  5. Luke says:

    Digg hasn’t been a social *news* site for a long time. Though I agree a recipe might be pushing it in terms of quality content.

  6. InRussetShadows says:

    What is “social” news anyways? Is a recipe somehow less “social” than geek news? I’ve never understood what makes news social as opposed to anti-social. Whatever people share en masse would be social as far as I can determine, so recipes and LOLcats are social news. And isn’t news something you didn’t know before? I didn’t know about the artichoke heart recipe before now.

  7. John Taylor says:

    I love artichokes, what about this delightful recipe:

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