Need a haircut, an oil change and a massage? Don’t know where to go, or even where to start? Wouldn’t it be sweet if you could get the scheduling and research for all these errands done quickly, with one centralized tool?

Phew: A new website now makes scheduling all of your appointments in one place possible. MyTime is a new platform that allows users to check everything off of their to-do list in one place.

MyTime partners with local businesses to let you book appointments and get discounts through their site. The platform gives users access to ratings and reviews from other users right on their site and also notifies users of discounts for certain appointment times. The website claims that “booking an appointment and getting services you need is as easy as buying a book on Amazon!”

The concept sounds good, but how did they fare on the execution? I decided to put their claim to the test and see just how easy it really is to book all of your appointments in one place. I asked my girlfriend what she had planned for today, and decided to see how long it would take me to schedule her some appointments. She told me she needed to get her nails done, her teeth whitened, go to yoga and find a handyman to fix the door.

I started my search for these services at 1:10 PM. I finished at 1:16 PM and had everything scheduled that she needed. For $204 and six minutes of my time, I was able to check everything off of her to-do list and provide her with 5-star rated companies to do her bidding.

Not only is MyTime convenient, but it is a great way to save money. Had I booked these four services not using MyTime, it would have cost $413, according to prices given by calling the offices. So at the end of the day I saved my girlfriend the hassle of having to find all of these places on her own, and $209!

Currently, MyTime is only available in Los Angeles. However, they plan on expanding to other major cities around the country in the near future, and their model clearly works. I think MyTime is a smart Internet marketing strategy, and can’t wait until it reaches New York. MyTime saves you time, money and from the headache of booking all your appointments.

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Written by Andrew Goodman
Andrew Goodman is currently an Intern at Fishbat, an Internet Marketing Company, as well as a photographer, specializing in wedding photography. He is finishing up his education at Stony Brook University, where he majors in Applied Mathematics & Statistics and minors in Journalism. He is a huge New York Mets fan, and enjoys spending time with his family and fraternity brothers.