When writing a blog post, your title is the most important and yes will entice people to click, but reality is people will scan the article rather than read it. Therefore you need to grab their attention, find out what is trending and add a creative twist.

Find out the various things you can do to increase Audience Engagement within the infographic below.

This infographic from Mashable comes to us via Augusta Ford and explores “The Secret Trifecta for Building an Engaged Audience”. Click to enlarge.

The Secret Trifecta for Building an Engaged Audience

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  1. People have limited time throughout their day to spend reading blogs. Once you’ve hooked them with a great headline it’s important to break up the content to make it easy to skim. People are looking for information that pertains to them. They don’t want to read the whole post in order to find it.

  2. This is not a surprised. People not only scan post, they scan newspaper, scan google reader coz as Nick said, they have limited time, that’s why title of post, newspapers, blog posts are very important.