More People Watching Videos on Facebook But Spending Less Time Doing It

US Online Video Content Properties Graph

In one month, Facebook leaped over Microsoft, Yahoo, and Viacom to become the 3rd largest video site in the US according to comscore. This is all good news for the social network, but there are caveats.

Unlike other sites, Facebook does not make money directly from the videos. The lucrative video ad industry is one they’ve chosen to avoid, opting towards using video to keep people on the site longer and exposed to their other revenue-generators.

The other negative is that people aren’t watching as many videos or for the same amount of time. Much of this is natural as there are so many other options to do on Facebook versus the others which are standard video sites. Still, having an average of 17 minutes per viewer is much lower than most. Other than NBC Universal and Turner Digital, everyone else has more than twice the amount of minutes per viewer. Google sites, including YouTube, averages 353.7 minutes per month per viewer.

They are currently behind VEVO by 10.5 million unique US viewers. At the pace they’re growing, this will change in a month or two. Should Google be looking in their rear view mirror?

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  1. As per the information provided in the article I think Google should consider the matter seriously otherwise it will be losing a side of expansion in the near future.

  2. Excellent points in your article. Video will become the new medium for sharing information. Think about it, would you rather read instructions on how to do something, or watch it first hand?