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Women rule social media. There have been numerous studies that show that sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are dominated by women. 75% of women according to Pew Research Center use social networking sites compared to 63% of men. This is important to understand.

First, it reinforces what we already knew, that businesses should be gearing their messages around their products, services, or industry in a way that can appeal to both sexes with an emphasis (in some cases) on women. More importantly, it tells us that some businesses should consider tailoring portions of their social media strategy specifically around women. This is not a universal conclusion; it depends on the business itself. With products and services that appeal to both sexes such as cars and gadgets, the old thinking that marketing should be geared towards men is, well, old.

There’s a caveat to the study. Because of the increased emotional attachment that women demonstrate with their social media profiles versus men, it’s much easier to turn them negative towards a brand when the wrong messages are posted.

This infographic by Weber Shandwick breaks down the study and shows us that women are the “low hanging fruit” in social media marketing.

Women of Social Media

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Written by Michio Hasai
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