Minor Flaw Grants Uber-Karma through Mixx Communities

Mixx CommunitiesPound for pound, punch for punch, Mixx has been a true innovator in social media as it approaches it’s first full year of popularity in the segment.  Their recent launch of Mixx Communities is no exception — a true step in the right direction that most other social media sites have either ignored or just haven’t considered.

Below is the bulk of the coverage so far regarding the launch of the new feature, but something minor that was overlooked that had a negative effect on the launch was a miscalculation in the Karma aspect of the communities.  It seems to have been fixed now, but for the first couple of days, someone could accumulate thousands of Karma points by simply creating Mixx Communities and importing stories.

Since it is fixed, there is no way to see exactly what happened, but here is the theory.  Since submitting is one of the best ways to gain Karma on Mixx, the algorithm wasn’t prepared to handle the unintentional mass-submissions that creating a community allowed.  One step in the creation of a community was to place up to 10 tags that were part of the community.  As stories with these tags were imported, the community creator became the “submitter” of the story within the community and received a lot of Karma with hundreds of “submissions” happening at ones.

It is only a theory, and it seems to have been fixed, but we will continue to monitor it.  In the meantime, this should not be construed as anything negative towards Mixx or the launch of their Communities.  It was a minor mistake that has apparently been scaled back quite a bit — as I created communities last night, my Karma rose swiftly.  Tonight we created two, and… not so much in the way of Karma so far.  We’ll verify with another creation tomorrow.

Here are some of the stories that have already been published about the launch:

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  1. I really don’t like the community autmation feature. It led to dozens of empty “one user communities” full of automated stories. These communities are mostly Made for Adnsese it seems to me. Also legitimate groups get buried now under the dozens of automated spam communities. Before you could see that a story was important for a few groups, now you can only see a huge bulk of “communities”.

    Community automation in connection with Adsense revenue sharing is an invitation to Made for Adsense spam.

  2. @Tad – that’s a great point that I didn’t think of. Shame, shame, shame on me – ADSENSE. Who cares about Karma – adsense is going to be the real problem here. I feel like a moron.

    Must write another story! Thanks, Tad.

  3. Jolene Frederick