MixxChanges, changes, changes.  Somehow, Mixx is able to make changes 10 times faster than any other major social media site on the Internet.  All of the changes (except one) look to improve the functionality and user experience immensely.

On their blog, they explain these changes in detail.  As with any major change to a website, my natural inclination is to a) test it inside and out, looking for flaws, and, b) try to break it.

Tests went fine.  Haven’t been able to break anything yet.

This comes in response to a “Wish List o’ Features” that Mixx asked for in conjunction with their first birthday.  The promise was to have the new features up and running before 2009.  As usual, Mixx.com beat their deadline and produced the changes with plenty of time to spare.  Here they are, straight from the blog post:

  1. Moving Notifications from email to Site Mail: Our top vote earner, on-site notifications allow you to get notifications likes “You have a new friend!” right on Mixx. Then we’ll give you a little nag—just once a day—so you can check in. We don’t want you to miss out on any notifications. If you are currently getting notifications in email, you’ll need to go to your settings page and tweak the settings just the way you want them.
  2. Improved Friend-ing: The second favorite suggested feature, the upgraded Friend feature makes it easy to see which of your friends are mutual and which only go one way.  Check out your fans (go to www.mixx.com/users/<yourMixxID>/fans) and friend them back!
  3. Show All Mixxers: This is a really cool little feature that will let you see every Mixxer who voted on a story, photo or video. We expect to have it up and running very soon.

They went beyond the three winning features and added a few more…

  • Community Widget: Run a Community on Mixx? Now you can grab all of the headlines that reach Popular in your Community and send them directly to your website.  Check it out on the Make Your Widget page.
  • Simplified Submit Flow: So maybe it didn’t make it to the top of the list, but many of you have asked for it, so now it’s easier than ever to get your content into the Mixx and right where you need it to be.
  • Submit Button: Tired of looking for the Submit button? Search no more—you’ll now find in the header area of every page.

They only new/improved feature that appears to still need some work is the submission flow.  They delivered very well on the concept that there needs to be an easier way to submit, a “quick submit” option, so that people on the go can still do their social media submissions seemlessly without having to go through the long process.  For those with the time and attention to detail, they can continue past the initial step of URL, Title, Description, Category and enhance their submission.

The flaw mentioned earlier is that it is now much more difficult to submit to multiple communities and groups.  As far as we could tell, you can only do it one at a time.  Knowing Mixx, I’m sure this will be adjusted quickly.

One thing not mentioned in their blog post was the return of the ability to vote for stories from the Friends’ Activity pages.  This was a controversial feature before because it allowed for “blind voting” and the popular section would occasionally get spam submissions hitting.  I don’t anticipate the same problem now that the functionality is back.  There are more users and a stronger “top user” base that should be able to self-police it.

Overall, the changes should draw huge Kudos from users and the general public.

* * *

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Written by JD Rucker
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