Millions of voters have fallen for Dread Pirate Roberts’ trick (and why I won’t)

I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me

In the classic movie, The Princess Bride, we find our hero trying to save his love from the hands of the evil Vizzini. He challenges him to a battle of wits where Vizzini must discern which cup has poison and which is safe. Then, both will drink and the winner is the one not dead. The trick was on him, though. Both cups were poisoned. Wesley, aka Dread Pirate Roberts, had developed a tolerance for the poison, so regardless of which cup Vizzini chose, he would die and Wesley would live.

That’s the Presidential election of 2016 in a nutshell. The difference is that a few members of the political class and the media will be able to survive the poisonous choice of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. The rest of us are doomed to liberalism, incompetence, corruption, and potential destruction regardless of who wins. Hillary is more liberal than Trump. Trump is more incompetent than Hillary (and please don’t point to the real estate empire he was born into as proof that he’s not incompetent). Both are corrupt. Both give us a smorgasbord of directions from which our destruction can come once they’re in the Oval Office.

I am not voting for either candidate. I will not support either candidate. I will oppose both candidates. Trump supporters will say that this means I’m supporting Hillary. Hillary supporters will say that this means I’m supporting Trump. Both are wrong. Our nation was built on the dissent against the choices given to pre-revolution patriots by the ruling class. Those patriots, many of whom died fighting for the birth of the nation while others became the leaders who carried us through those formative years, did so against the call of the masses. People often forget or never learned that the American Revolution was not popular before it started. There wasn’t a massive uprising of the mighty majority to make it happen. Most Americans, unhappy as they may have been with the circumstances, would have preferred to work within the British system rather than oppose. This changed once the revolution started gaining traction, but if it were up to the masses, we would have ended the 18th century under the rule of the King.

These stories – The Princess Bride, election 2016, and the American Revolution all come together to help us see one clear path forward. Americans who are unhappy with the binary choice forced upon us should look outside of those choices without fear of wasting their efforts or votes. They shouldn’t drink from either poison cup. They shouldn’t bow down to the voice of the masses. Today, a large majority of Americans are firmly in Hillary’s camp or Trump’s camp. A good number of those people in the camps are there unwillingly, but they’re not going to leave out of fear for the other camp being stronger as a result. They carry the spirit of those against the American Revolution in their hearts; dissent at this point would be destructive in their opinions. I’m not saying this to insult them. The lukewarm supporters on both sides are doing what they think is right, but they’re still doing it out of fear. They fear the other side winning just as many unhappy subjects of King George feared going to war with England.

We have two choices to make. The first choice is easy: we need a new conservative party. Join it. Regardless of who wins, we cannot sit around and wait for this travesty to repeat itself next election, and the election after that, and after that, and…

The second choice is harder. Do we simply avoid the Presidential election? Do we vote for down ballot conservatives but skip the top of the ticket? Do we endorse and support a third party candidate?

I have looked at and spoken to 3rd-party conservatives. Right now, the only one who has any chance at all is Evan McMullin. His path is nearly impossible, but not completely impossible. We asked members of the new party if they thought we should endorse and the volume of replies was absolutely shocking. Regardless of how that plays out, we must speak directly to McMullin before endorsing. Most questions can be answered by simply watching his interviews and reading articles about him, but the question we haven’t had answered is: Does he have a real strategy to win this thing? If he can’t win, we won’t endorse. That’s not a question of whether or not he has the potential to win. We need to know if he has the strategy to win. The only way to know this is to hear it from his mouth.

Regardless of what happens with or without McMullin, it’s easy for me to say that I will not be voting for either major party candidate. They are disasters. Both sides are trying to put their cups closer to me, but I won’t drink from either. Suicide just isn’t my thing. As Vizzini said, “I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me.”

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  1. Todd Brophy

    I pity your ignorance.

  2. The Naked Genius ©

    But you didn’t include your plan of defense after Hillary’s firearm confiscation ( AND her “dream” of “open borders” become reality.

  3. Bryan Woodsmall

    I humbly suggest endorsing him even if he lacks a strategy or his strategy does not seem workable. The reason is that these 2 candidates are so enormously unpopular that it is possible that if McMullin is positioned with momentum (which the endorsement could help generate) he could be swept into office by the collapse of Donald Trump, with Gary Johnson taking from Hillary. I’m talking about winning 270 outright. It may sound crazy, but it could happen. I’m talking about a collapse large enough that Trump is not seen as viable, and is (finally) seen as a marginal candidate in the race.

    It might seem crazy that a major candidate could be seen as a marginal candidate, but consider that already we have seen a poll result (following the hot mic tape release) where only 74% of R voters would affirmatively say that the party should stay with him. That result was heralded as evidence that Republican voters were still with him, but are you kidding me? Twenty-six percent would not say the party should keep him as the nominee, and 12% went so far as to say that he should be tossed off the ticket. These are staggeringly bad numbers for Trump, and they suggest that a tipping point could be reached (after more revelations, or words or actions from Trump) where the bulk of conservative and conservative leaning voters join us in refusing to drink either cup. There are a number of ways this could happen with Trump, even in the limited amount of time left. Perhaps McMillin picking up momentum could even contribute to the tipping point occurring.

    If such a collapse happens, conservatives would be looking for someone to vote for. We want McMullin to be the one with momentum at that point. The requirement to write him in would be an impediment, but not necessarily a deal breaker. It would be such an extraordinary story — the long shot 3rd party guy surging — that writing him in could be considered cool.

    IF McMullin could become the clear leader over Trump, there would be time for conservatives and conservative leaners to realize that McMullin has a better chance than Trump, causing them to rush to him, leaving Trump only with his original enthusiasts (maybe not even quite all of them, if events are bad enough?). Since Hillary is unpopular and will lose some to Johnson and Stein (and maybe to Trump taking a hard left turn after losing the conservatives), McMullin could squeak through with a popular and Electoral College majority.

    Even as I write this it seems crazy. But I keep going back to the tremendous unpopularity of these 2 candidates, and Evan McMullin’s clear superiority. I really believe that if we look at this rationally we will see that it is truly an unstable situation. As you said, many in both camps are there unwillingly, motivated by fear that the other camp will become stronger. Many know that both cups are poison, but think they have to drink one anyway. This is the kind of situation for which the term “tipping point” was invented. There is little time for the tipping point to be reached, and for the bucket to tip if it is reached, but in the internet age things can happen startlingly fast. I suggest taking a step that will help prepare for the tipping point if it is reached, and may even help to bring it about. In spite of the long odds, I suggest endorsing Evan McMullin, even if he lacks a strategy that is deemed satisfactory.