Men are from Reddit, Women are from Pinterest

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Women are more active on social media in general. It’s a fact. Facebook and Twitter each demonstrate a much-higher activity level from women for this very reason. They are the most uses social networks (despite claims from Google+) and have been integrated into our daily activities for some time, now.

For men, LinkedIn and Google+ appeal to their “goal-oriented” style of social networking and disdain for Twitter and Facebook. As the graphic below reveals, there are more men on LinkedIn than women on LinkedIn, Reddit, and Google+ combined.

Where the numbers get truly dominating are on social news site Reddit and social scrapbooking site Pinterest. Both have strong leans in one direction or the other based upon the foundations upon which they were built. While more men are coming to Pinterest every day, they will never come close to catching up with women because of the way the site encourages expansion of networks. There are more women inviting more women every day by a longshot. In fact, the tremendous growth that Pinterest has seen off and on this year can be attributed to men coming onto (and in most cases, leaving) the site for the first time. For Reddit, it’s a matter of having a base that was built through sharing in college dorm rooms on bored Wednesday nights or workmates lounging around talking about the latest pic they found on r/funny.

Here’s a breakdown of the way the social media sexual divide is forming. Click to enlarge.

Battle of the Sexes

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  1. I guess how men and women use different social media platforms are really way too different. It’s because women are by nature more visual than men. And they are more into relationship-building and conversations. But who buy more between the two?

  2. Its more because women only thing about social oriented rather then business oriented.
    As we know, Linkedin is more to business orieted rather then social oriented.

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