The Super Bowl has concluded for yet another year and for those of us within the automotive industry it sure was interesting to see the various automotive commercials that Toyota, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Audi, and Lincoln created. As we grabbed for more nachos while football took a break and the anticipated Super Bowl intermissions commenced. This year there was a strong winner, a motor company that made great strides to appeal to their demographic and put the driver first. The winner hands down for this year’s automotive Super Bowl commercial goes to… the Chrysler Group.

Marketing has changed. The consumer has been exhausted of the over selling and underwhelming performance that commercials  continue to serve us, we want guts and glory, (not too far off from the Ram slogan) we want to get down to the heart of what matters to us, which is us…and our families.

Shallow commercials are for decades past and though each of the automotive companies made great efforts in making unique car commercials that touched on emotions; from happy, silly, exhilarating to humorous; Chrysler went for the heart strings.

Emotions have always been important within Marketing, but never more than now. Within a social world of emotionally sharing our thoughts and opinion’s in real-time across the world has emotional targeting been so relevant.

Each viewer knows that it is a car commercial, that their aim is to sell you a car or truck. However, the meaningful thought will override its intended purpose. Instead, it will evoke us to connect with the brand through its heartfelt connection it makes by emphasizing on our hard work, dedication and strong love for our families instead of just highlighting its vehicles.

Chrysler made the vehicles in both the Ram and Jeep commercials a part of our lives instead of forcing them within and made stories we could believe in because we live them, or know someone who does.

Making commercials that are about the people who ride in the vehicles instead of about the vehicle and showing their support to those we hold close touches on the roots of America; from our Farmers to our troops, those that help us eat and others who keep us free, that is what meaningful marketing looks like.


[Heart felt image via heartwallpapers]

Written by Erin Ryan
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