In a society increasingly dominated by economics and financial status, it would appear that an MBA has an advantage in this life. They understand money, and even if they completed an online MBA program instead of going to Harvard, they are poised to rake it in. However, thanks to technology, everyone can bolster their finance knowledge.

Numerous studies have come out in recent years detailing the billions of dollars in lost productivity attributed to time wasted by employees on the internet. And with consumer debt hovering dangerously in the mid-$11 trillions (CNN Money), the United States needs all the help it can get. However, in today’s fast-paced economy, a large number of innovative new tools are available online that increase efficiency and focus, helping save both time and money.

One of the top online websites for managing personal finance is is a safe and secure financial site that links with all personal finance accounts (checking and savings, mortgage and loan, etc.) to help keep track of an entire portfolio in one site. is affiliated with another online money-saving site, TurboTax. TurboTax is great for young professionals newly acquainted with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The site guides users step-by-step in filling out personal financial information. TurboTax can be used in sync with to input data and make time- and money-saving suggestions. The site also saves information from year to year, helping simplify the tax process.

Other popular personal finance sites include Adaptu, Simplifi, and Voyant. Adaptu operates under a similar structure as Simplifi is a North Carolina-based institution that stresses a more personal online banking connection with middle-income clients. Voyant helps consumers and professionals design financial plans with a specific focus on helping plan for unexpected costs such as medical emergencies or natural disasters. Financial planning of this kind is especially helpful in today’s economy, when sudden job loss or pay cuts can take a huge toll on financially unprepared individuals.

The internet is full of tools to help simplify other forms of transation once a basic account is established. Whether it’s taxes, online payments, or tracking investments, there is an tool for every type of online money management.

Paypal is one of the oldest and most-trusted forms of exchanging money on the web. Paypal enables users to create free accounts to securely send and accept payments from other individuals and businesses online. The company works with Ebay, Amazon, and other large online retailers to make transactions safe and simple.

E*trade and Google Finance offer two different options for managing and tracking stocks and other forms of investment. Google Finance is a relatively new option that enables users to track up-to-the-minute stock and market fluctuations. E*trade is an established online trading company with a diverse suite of products. Users can trade stocks, save for retirement, and manage other accounts through this trusted site.

Given the wide range of financial products available online, it is easier than ever for individuals to invest in simplifying and securing their financial lives, saving money and time in the short term and over the course of their lives.

Written by Drew Hendricks