Marco Rubio Vacant Stare

For months, we’ve heard through anecdotes that Marco Rubio is a “programmed” candidate, one who is incredible at delivering very specific talking points but who crumbles once those talking points are exhausted. We saw this first hand for the during the latest GOP Debate when he repeated the same talking point four or five times. Even Chris Christie took note and called him out on it in the middle of his talking point.

He’s a Robocandidate. The last thing the Republican party needs going up against Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders is someone who’s great when scripted but who stammers when questions are tough.

The debate wasn’t the first time this was noticed. In a scathing series of articles when he was travelling the country pitching for endorsements over the last few months, many reporters have noted the same thing. Here’s one of those anecdotal pieces of evidence that preceded tonight’s meltdown.

There’s some good to consider. Some of the candidates, particularly Jeb Bush and Ben Carson, are as bad with scripted responses as they are with replying on their feet. Donald Trump and Christie are good on their feet but not as good when delivering anything that’s prepared. John Kasich and Ted Cruz are pretty good at both. In a campaign, Rubio’s ability to do well with talking points is better than Bush’s or Carson’s inability to deliver them, but it won’t help him as a President. We’re finishing with two terms of one President who was a talking points guy.

Here are a couple of variations of the video:

Many in the media and on social media are starting to comment about Rubio’s constant use of canned responses. The question is whether New Hampshire voters are going to buy into the notion that a robocandidate is the best shot the Republicans have against the Democrats in November.

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Written by JD Rucker
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