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With so many bloggers, there are dozens of blogging styles being used. Generally your style is based upon the information you hope to put forward, not the other way around. There are a number of ways to make the most out of each style, using its uniqueness to warrant posting frequency, etc.  So, find your blog style and make it work for you.

“Your blogging goal is to consistently deliver compelling and informative content that contains solutions to the problems of your readers. Now that people read your content, you need to give it a distinctive voice as well. When it comes to blogging styles, there are many different approaches and each style comes with its own unique set of rules.”—

Insight Blogging

Are you an expert in your field? Do you have extensive knowledge in a specific niche? If so, your blog probably aims to deliver this information in a constructive and useful way. Your readers come to you for a very specific selection of information and you deliver it to them from personal knowledge and experience. This style of blogging is popular for businesses, as it presents a way to further validate a company’s credibility and authority.

  • Type: Informational
  • Goals: To educate and inform
  • Style: A blog that aims to instruct should be written in short paragraphs, with sub headings and utilize many lists/bulleted points. This helps the reader digest otherwise dense information.

Goal Blogging

Also known as ambition blogging, this informal style is very popular with hobbyists. You may have thought to yourself – I know I’ll only run this race if I start a blog. That is a goal blog. You have a clear intended goal, and the blog serves as a platform for your experiences and journey. You’ll see many runners and college students utilizing this style.

  • Type: Informal
  • Goals: Utilize the blog to stay on track and motivated
  • Style: It can take the form of both short and long form writing – usually long form, as posts detail recent trials and tribulations.

Link Blogging

There are a number of niche blogs that simply compile articles from other websites around the net. This form of blogging can appear in any niche, and take a variety of forms. Sites such as operate as link blogs.

  • Type: Informational – but it can vary depending upon the niche
  • Goals: To gather the best sources of information for that area of interest into one place
  • Style: While some blogs post the entire article, with extensive linking back to the original site, some will simply compile the links and lead into with a description or nothing at all. Link blogs vary quite a bit.

Regardless of what type of blog you choose to run, each style has its own unique place within the blogosphere. While these are basic guidelines for those looking to try one or more style, your personal preferences and custom content will be the ultimate deciding factor in how to run your blog. Choose your blogging style and make it work today!

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