Leo Laporte Changes His Digg Feed, Starts to “Get It”

Over the last week there has been a lot of criticism aimed at Digg.com and some of the publisher accounts and celebrities who are getting their news to the Top News section of Digg ahead of higher-quality content. Leo Laporte has been at the center of much of the criticism as his Google Buzz updates and podcasts have flooded the front page over the last week.

Mr Laporte, I owe you some kudos.

Today, Laporte switched his feeds of podcasts and Google activity to his Delicious feed. While this may not seem as natural as manual submissions, it’s a huge step in the right direction as he must actively bookmark stories to his Delicious account for them to appear on the page.

In other words, he is manually vetting and selecting stories that he finds interesting rather than feeding everything that Leo likes about Leo.

The result? A digging and submitting pattern much closer and more manual than anything other major recommended accounts are doing. Did Leo Laporte just go from public enemy #2 (sorry, Reddit is still #1) to hopefully the trendsetter that other major accounts should follow? We’ll see soon enough.

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  1. The sad part is that both Kevin and Leo both should have known better. Or at the very least Kevin could have sat Leo down and shown him how to set it up.

    I wish *MY* Google Buzzes could FP on Digg. NOT.

  2. Not all of the flood has been Leo fault, I was watching TWIT live on Sunday when the flood began and Leo was not posting at the time, it maybe a combination of the problem he was having with Buzz earlier combine with Digg problems. None the less I am glad he changed how he is posting to Digg

  3. Totally agree that hand-curated is the only way to go on the New Digg, and we’re doing that with The Wall Street Journal’s account (at least, when Digg’s servers are up). Ours isn’t powered by RSS like most of the other recommended feeds, and we’re studying whether that’s worth the effort. (Selecting stories with particular appeal on Digg, rewriting headlines, and manually submitting them is time-consuming — but fun.) We should probably also be digging more non-WSJ stuff, so we’ll likely start doing that, too.

  4. The Huffington Post is also hand-curating its account.

  5. Digg was my favorite site, now I can barely stand it. How sad. I just hope I can find a new site I like as much. Reddit is even more painful for me to use.

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