This is a guest post by Tamish

DiggThe recent action of Digg against a number of its “top users” is being questioned at the moment.  Recent stories point all the blame on Digg for the action however its a lot more twisted than it seems.

Though a number of Digg users had been fast-digging for a long time, the issue had hit digg just recently. Apparently it seems that there had been a cold war between top users. In order to remove some top users from the stack, some reported them up for different reasons.

After that became a long motion of more anti-digg stories.

As Digg is responsible for stopping misuse of the system, it is responsible for the bans. Any user that was banned just went straight head up against Digg.

The fact that most of the banned users didn’t accept their fault was that they thought Digg would take them back because of their popularity.

One reason why users submit multiple stories for frontpage is to increase their chances of reaching frontpage and have more fans. This would just make them more powerful.

Social Marketers know that. They are not interested in contributing good stories but Business. Once they are established on Digg, they get offers from various companies to submit and popularize their product through social sites.

A lot of the banned users moved on to other sites like Mixx claiming them to be better than Digg however I expect that sooner or later the same issue would be brought up in the mixx community just what happened at Digg.

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This guest post reflects the opinions of the author, but with the recent rash of anti-Digg posts, having a different perspective is important.  Read more articles about Digg right here.

Written by JD Rucker
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