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In recent years, social media platforms have become increasingly important tools for businesses wishing to communicate with their key target audiences. But whilst many companies, in the earlier days of social media, considered the tools to simply be another channel to distribute marketing messages, the truth is that communicating effectively through social media has grown to become a much bigger and more important task.

The key objective of community management campaigns is to create lasting relationships with a brand’s audience. This can be done through a number of processes and whether a company’s social media management is run in-house or outsourced to a social media agency it is essential that they understand the fundamental elements of this practice.


Identify your Power Users

One of the key challenges of effective community management is identifying the key influencers in the community. These users tend to be the ones that post and interact with your page, and other members of the community, the most. Ideally, these members will be knowledgeable of the industry in which your business operates and hold positive attitudes towards your brand.

By identifying and monitoring these users, it is possible to see what they are saying about your brand and its products and also how they are influencing other members of the community. It is good practice to form positive and strong relationships with these users.


Respond, Engage and Listen

This may seem obvious but there are still many brands that are not responding enough to inbound messages through social media channels. Ultimately, one of the key advantages of social media is that it allows for two-way communication and therefore brands need to make the most of this attribute and communicate to fans individually and directly. Understandably, the process of constantly listening, monitoring and responding can put a strain on resources and some companies may not be able to keep up with these demands. However, it is important to realise the value in these processes.

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