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Marketing Facts

Statistics can be a wonderful thing. They can show us information that can guide our decisions and bring us to see things in better focus. They can distract us, taking us down an incorrect path based upon lack of understanding. They can entertain us.

This infographic from Yoda London can likely do any of the three. As with any set of numbers, if you torture them long enough, you can make them say anything. For example, seeing that 93% of online experiences begin with search engines can be useful in that it highlights the importance of SEO. It could also be detrimental if misunderstood as “online experiences” could mean just about anything. It entertains (if you’re a search geek like me, at least).

Check out the graphic:

Digital Marketing Facts Infographic

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  1. Statistics tell a lot. It gives us information or guide our decision making.

    It can also distract us or lead us to wrong paths if we don’t know how to interpret and read through it.

    Like the infographic that simply tells us what is internet marketing all about. This is quite brief but all the needed facts and data are presented above. Just by simply looking it you will already have an idea what encompasses this kind of business.

    A very well informed infographic.

    Thanks for this post!

    The post is shared on Kingged.com. I am amazed with the infographic so I leave this comment.