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JD PicI am a Christian, a husband, and a father of 3.

I’m a writer, a social media strategist, and an executive for a firm that offers complete internet marketing solutions.

I like networking with people, especially about business. Also, we’re always interested in quality, unique guest posts.

Feel free to contact me anytime. Here is where you can find me:

Here are some of my blogs:

If that doesn’t work, feel free to leave me a message at 774.538.9338

27 thoughts on “Contact JD Rucker”

  1. AFoxFan says:

    why in the world would you want to ‘follow’ my tweets? I’m so
    new to this and don’t know how to play the game yet.
    If you weren’t a Christian, husband, father who is
    a Professional, I wouldn’t even think of emailing you
    to ask:) You just seem nice enough to tell the truth!!!thanks…sally

  2. Denver SEO says:

    Hola JD,
    Hoping to talk with you about some social promotion and your assistance in this arena. Please contact me when you have some free time.

  3. mike hastings says:

    Hello Jim,

    Long time no talk. I watched a couple of your videos today and realize we need to consider getting ahead of the curve on this. Could you send me some information on your Social Media stuff?


  4. Ajit Kumar says:

    Thanks for your tweet. I love to follow you. My website will tell you about my wish to help people through natural means. I feel stucked since I don’t understand anything about autoresponders. Can you please guide me?
    Best wishes and Happy Christmas & New Year.

  5. Tom Jones says:


    Just wanted to suggest a fantastic hosting service that you could include in your blog

    Novel Aspect provides web and data hosting solutions. We can provide a link exchange if you are interested as well.

    Warm Regards,

    Tom Jones

  6. yoshi says:

    i did the survey from this website
    and wasnt able to receive my 4000 points. whats going on?

  7. Curious says:

    I’m curious as to why you’re hosting an Xbox Points marketing scam from your domain. I notice you’re into marketing and ‘social media’ – are you hoping to collect details? Yoshi’s comment above covers it.

  8. Kayce says:

    Hey thanks for your tweet! Awesome site here! :)

  9. Lowell Christensen says:

    Love your site. Do you know the reason why Propeller shut down? I noticed you still have them listed as one of your profiles, but they have recently closed up shop.

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  11. Eti Sharma says:

    Nice site,, and Its pleasure to connect with you..

  12. Car Sales Professional says:

    Hi JD,

    Love the blog.
    Are open for a guest post form the sales floor?


  13. regalos - lele says:

    JD hello not know your blog, today I finally know and it’s great, really I take such greetings

  14. john says:

    as soon as i saw this i had to send it to your guy i thought this planking stuff was over both these guys got even more creative smh. it went from funk master flex website and huffington post which was a shocker to me here is the link i wonder what you guys gonna think about this planking song

  15. Rebecca Q Jones says:

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if you would be interested in a guest post about how bloggers can use free A/B test tools to make more money from their sites?

    Let me know if this is of interest and I’ll write the article for you?


    Rebecca Q Jones
    Senior Tech/PR Writter

  16. Juan - Como vender en internet says:

    Hi JD, I’ve just visited your blog for the first time and bookmarked it :) Thanks for sharing the info.

  17. Ara says:

    Good day Soshable,

    I’m looking for any contact details (email, phone number or mail address) of the website owner or marketing person that I can communicate with for possible business venture on website income opportunities. We are very much interested to do business with you. Please send me an email together with your website name and I’ll be glad to call you to discuss this matter.

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  18. James says:

    Hi JD!

    We’re interested in joining your blog network. not sure if you haver a theme/ vertical in mind but we do everything uk property.

    Hit me up if you’re interested…


  19. Natalie Trent says:

    Times are tough and competition is fierce in today’s job market! Lets help Natalie on her employment quest.

    Natalie is an up and coming star in the world of online marketing. This petition is intended to be part of a grassroots campaign to help her get a job she greatly desires .

    The job, Community Relations Coordinator with Earth Fare in Knoxville, TN, is a perfect fit for her education, passion and experience.

  20. Regalos says:

    Hello JD! Your blog is one of my great discoveries this year! :) Thank you!

  21. Ryan Hart says:

    Glad to see the new logo/header worked out for you :)

  22. The Ellen Connection says:

    We really love your blog! You might like this article about six young aussies trying to get on the Ellen show in 8 weeks using social media. We would love if you featured it!

    Thank you and let us know if you use it :)

    The Ellen Connection

  23. Andrew says:

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    Here is a little story about us:
    Waiters Today is a project made by restaurant enthusiasts with the goal of forming a social network that will help all people involved in the restaurant industry. By connecting and interacting directly with real people from the industry, our hope is to promote continued self-education, share information and work experiences, and provide a fun atmosphere for socializing and networking.

    The idea came from a group of friends working together in a fine dining restaurant in Indianapolis. Starting as wait assistance, each has strived to work their way up and are currently working as servers, bartenders, and managers. Working their way to their positions, then maintaining them requires continuous self-education acquired by searching the web, reading books about wine, food, cocktails, and anything else restaurant related.

    So we thought, why not try to connect all of our friends from our industry? Not just in Indianapolis, but all over the country, and hopefully all over the world. After all the restaurant industry is one of the biggest and oldest professions. Here is our opportunity to blog or talk about different restaurant topics with others who understand the restaurant business. We deserve to be connected and to grow in every aspect. Not to mention have our voices heard!

    We would like to call all the restaurant industry people (no matter what your position or experience is), along with all the people and companies also connected to restaurants, to join our web site. Invite friends from the industry and let us all share our experiences and knowledge.
    Sincerely yours
    Waiters Today Social Network!!

  24. Federica Bartolini says:

    Hi JD,
    great blog!
    I have recently opened a similar one, but mainly for Italian readers (articles there are written both in English and Italian).
    I would be very grateful if you could pass by!
    Thank you so much, and keep going posting :)
    Maybe one day we will meet the chance to cooperate on something.

  25. jcb says:

    i will forever be a fun of this site , came across you on digg, love the content! keep up the great work. id love to see if youd be interested in reciprocal link change :)

  26. kader says:

    good net worker best of the luck.!/kr36cox

  27. Aaron Stovall says:

    I am vice president of marketing for a startup internet company which just launched a social networking site which allows business entrepreneurs to connect and partner up with CEO’s, lawyers, accountants, investors, etc., and vice versa to help run their business. Its a free service, and our company hopes it will make business partnerships and networking easier, and more realistic. God Bless

    Aaron S

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