It’s Time for Voltron. Cruz and Rubio (or someone else) Must Unite Against Trump.

Cruz Rubio Ticket

The narrative for months has been that candidates are waiting for Donald Trump and Ben Carson to drop their foolish incursion into politics. Once that happened, we could see where the cards land. Now that it’s certain that Trump isn’t dropping out, we should call for all of the lesser candidates to drop out and for the two Cuban American candidates to form a Voltron ticket.

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio combining forces may be the only path to a non-Trump nomination. Uniting may be the only way that we won’t have a Democratic President.

No Republican has lost the first three primaries/caucuses and won the nomination. Cruz’s Iowa win makes him the better choice to be the head of the ticket with Rubio’s mainstream appeal making him a perfect VP.

I’m not going into a detailed analysis at this point. I’ll say that Rubio cannot win. Cruz has a hard path ahead. For Trump to be stopped, the dynamic needs to change.

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