It’s time for Christians and conservative to end our addiction to Hollywood

Denzel Washington Chris Pratt

A decade ago, I received a job offer in southern California. The money was much better than I was making in Oklahoma, but the cost of living essentially made it a wash. What prompted me to move my family to the left(wing) coast away from conservative Oklahoma was Hollywood. I had a screenplay that was nearly finished and having access to Hollywood an hour away made pitching it much easier.

In other words, I wanted to be part of Hollywood. No, I wasn’t into the glitz or the glamour. I’ve always enjoyed good storytelling and creativity was being stifled in favor of unnecessary sequels (everything was about franchises back then) and horrific reboots. I had a winner that was almost complete and Hollywood needed a fresh voice. I was going to give it to them.

Life happened. I advanced in my job much faster than expected, gaining partial ownership of the company in less than a year. With my new partners, we formed another company, sold it along with the first company, and it became clear that my dreams of revamping Hollywood needed to go on hold while I built another company. Today, I have a great screenplay that I’m confident could get bought. It will never be seen by anyone in Hollywood. Living here for a decade and watching the leftward lurch of the industry made me realize that I no longer want to be a part of that world.

It’s not just the politics and lack of creativity. The rampant militant atheism that was once quietly chuckled about behind the scenes has emerged as a blatant badge of honor worn by so many. There are notable exceptions such as Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt, but the fact that they’re notable for being willing to discuss their faith is a testament to the heathen nature of the entertainment industry.

Tonight, while much of America watches the Golden Globes, I will be busying myself with work. It’s not easy for many of us that loved Hollywood in the past to avoid this staple of life distractions, but it’s something that needs to be done. Christian conservatives in particular should do what we can to find new pastimes instead of supporting the people who oppose most of what we believe. They promote “tolerance” while demonstrating very little of their own when it comes to conservative responsibility or Christian morals. They demand “justice” to be served while condoning lawlessness at the border. They tell us they won’t support the President of the United States before he’s even sworn in while giving tearful goodbyes to the most failure-laden leader in American history.

With all this, so many of us still pay good money to see them perform. No more. I’m done. That’s not to say that I’m boycotting movies and television. I’m simply going to be extremely selective. I’d rather see a good movie with a conservative message than an award-winning liberal flick. It’s not going to be easy since there are no “Christian conservative movie ratings” apps that I know of (someone should build one or let me know if there’s one already). I’ll have to go with my gut and read reviews of trusted conservatives. To that end, I will also try to put some reviews of my own up on this site when I find shows that are worthy. No promises – I haven’t seen very many this year that fall into that category, but now that I’m looking, hopefully more will come available.

Christian conservatives often rail against the liberals and atheists in Hollywood, then we support them with our dollars and watch their awards shows. It probably won’t change any time soon, but if there’s a way to make them change, it’s by supporting those who are ideologically aligned with us and avoid those who are not. That doesn’t give us many options, but it’s better than encouraging their agenda by buying tickets to their shows.

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  2. Ann

    Plugged in Online is a great resource for looking up content about movies. It’s been around for a while. Not sure if there’s an app, but it’s online. Some of this have been doing this for a while, it feels like a losing battle sometimes, but welcome aboard.

  3. JD Rucker

    Thank you very much, Ann. Very useful info and I’m glad to join the fight.

  4. Pat

    The Roman Catholic Church rates movies and TV shows. The Baptists as well. All you have to do is look.

  5. Tim Overlin

    Is another source.

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  7. Robert

    Haven’t paid any attention to Hollywood in decades. It has been tremendously liberating.

    We truly do become what we consume, which goes a long way to explaining California and it’s why academia don’t want to have alternative views on campus.

  8. Will

    With streaming services available to most Americans it would seem that the present is a great time for a new media company to form that caters to conservatives.

  9. Lovie Hayes

    There is an alternative to Netflix call Pure Flix it’s clean movies but good movies and shows.

  10. Pamela

    Will, try it’s a Christian family based streaming service.

  11. Bravery Movie

    JD Rucker. We have the start of the solution, in part, to the problem and need help badly. Our technically sophisticated, 3D stereoscopic Christian motion picture project, Bravery, On Wings Like Eagles has been completely – I mean totally – shadowbanned on Twitter for the full year it has existed with it nearly as bad on Facebook. After 2 days of interest on Gab, suddenly, crickets – the hackers got to us in there, too. No paranoia. We were very effective conservative political voices; so effective, in great measure we accidentally cost Hillary the election, and the leftists know it. SO WE NEED YOUR HELP! I personally don’t even think Paypal and GoFundMe are safe for us, anymore – GoFundMe took our page down all day when the co-producer went on a christian radio station to discuss the project and request donations, then GoFundMe put it back up at the end of the day, cheerily telling us that, hey, our cause was, you know, ALLOWED! Cute, right? You can see the work at Anyone who wants to donate or invest can contact us there. I, for one, am convinced that the only way this will happen is the old-fashioned way: two people sit down, one writes a check and hands it to the other. The internet has become completely useless to us. Guys like George Soros have seen to that. Thanks for your story.

  12. Richard

    These are good intentions and good ideas, but you are coming along 35 years after I already went through this (as a consumer, not a producer), and Christians have been boycotting and complaining about Hollywood for pretty much the last century. My church denomination (fundamental, Independent Baptist) shunned movie theaters entirely, and church leaders were careful to explain that they dubbed over the sound track of “Star Wars” to make it somehow acceptable (I never understood that one). I was filled with anxiety as a 28 year-old college student when I had to go into Blockbuster to rent a movie to complete a required assignment for a Russian culture class at my Christian university, because of the taboo against movies drilled into me. Now, I have Netflix, and it’s almost all garbage, excepting the documentaries. I do write reviews of the worst of the movies, and I try to be specific as to what I dislike about each of them. When I was a boy, I used to read Christian movie reviews by various Christian family associations. I think they still do that. No matter; I decided years ago that Netflix deliberately selects the most subversive, anti-Christian movies to offer its customers.

    I own several hundred DVDs of movies that I’ve collected over the years. I’ve watched hundreds of movies. I could go either to the extreme of banning movies entirely, or tolerating just about anything. I find myself getting bored with movies quickly these days.

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  14. Danielle

    We have been watching movies and tv series on PureFlix.