People Matter in Social Media

You may be a flourishing business, a new start-up, or personal brand trying to outshine your competition on social media. You have created several social accounts on various networks and a lot of time and energy has gone towards trying to make it work. You or your team has come up with social media goals of how many Facebook “likes” and Twitter followers your business or brand should strive for. However, no matter how much effort, or how many attempts you have made in trying to reach your targets, improvements and increases to your numbers are not occurring.

Looking at the analytics of your social networks has left you feeling discouraged and wanting to give up on social media altogether, therefore, you resort to purchasing Facebook “likes” to impress those you follow within social media or those you have to report to within your business. You feel like you’ve finally reached your goal and can remove this task off your list of things to do. You’re spirits have been raised and you begin feeling encouraged due to the increase of Facebook “likes”, but are puzzled that the engagement on your Facebook page hasn’t spiked as well.

This is one of those instances where you really get what you asked for; you purchased Facebook “likes”, therefore, “likes” are exactly what you received. You may think that numbers of followers, fans, or friends, matter, but they don’t, not even close to what stands behind those “likes”, real live people.

Numbers used to matter within the social media realm, in fact most thought the higher the number you had the more important you must be, but the truth is, social media has evolved and engagement is what makes a person or business truly successful. Thus, you can buy all the Facebook “likes” you want, but a “like” does not equal a real person, nor does it guarantee real interaction. What does? Real people talking to real people, interesting and inviting content, as well as, genuine conversations; it may not be the fastest or easiest route in reaching your goals, but it is the best and truest form of it.

As with any relationship, new or old, take your time and be authentic. Don’t try to oversell or undersell your brand by making goals that are unattainable or fake. Put time, not money, into growing your online community, and most of all, change your main focus from being the number of “likes” you have or don’t have on Facebook to what really matters, the people.


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Written by Guest Post