Stop Spam

No one likes being hit with spam. No one likes opening up their emails to find out about all the pills to enlarge body parts, vacations they won, or deals from Nigerian princes that they’ve been missing out on.

It gets old, quick.

Here’s the deal. As frustrating as it can be, we need our email. It’s necessary for us to be there. There are certain people we need to be in contact with on a regular basis that way.

So what happens when the venue is optional? Say, in a LinkedIn group or Google Plus community?

All of a sudden, you wind up with a bunch of people posting links, and no one commenting, clicking, or reading. You may find the occasional blog post to your liking, but will it be worth weeding through sales pitches?

Probably not after awhile.

I have a few LinkedIn groups I’ll float back to every once in awhile just to see what’s going on. But a lot of them have gotten so spammy with people only posting links to sales pages, and creating a whole bunch of noise.

Spammers have ruined entire communities in no time flat.


We’re there voluntarily.

When was the last time you sat down at your computer and sought out the online equivalent to an infomercial? It’s probably not something you do too often.

So why do we keep posting this way? Why has a select group of business owners ruined it for the rest of us? Why don’t they understand that we don’t want to be sold to over and over and over???

It’s OK to just float a question out there every once in awhile. It’s OK to just seek interaction, without a back link to your website, or blog. Maybe you’ll actually develop some relationships that way. That’s pretty much what this whole thing’s supposed to be about, right?


The social world isn’t entirely backwards.

There are a few places that get this right. First and foremost, Chris Brogan’s Secret Team comes to mind. I’ve developed some strong relationships with other business owners who I never otherwise would have met through this group.While I’ve only been part of the Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed and Small Business community on Google Plus for a short time, it seems to be showing some strong signs of actually being social.

There are also some industry blogs that do things right, and have strong contingents of commenters who comprise a strong community. What groups have been particularly beneficial to you? Where in the social world have you found true value?

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Written by Matt Brennan
Matt Brennan offers corporate writing services to businesses and organizations. He’s been telling stories for more than 10 years.