Tumbr is quickly emerging as a major social media force. It’s being talked about in blogs, on other social media sites, and even by mainstream press.

Are you buying into the hype?

I really want to know. As an early adopter, I’ve always enjoyed Tumblr, but it was only in the past few months that it’s truly become part of our overall marketing efforts. So far, we’re seeing decent results, but it appears as if Tumblr is reaching a tipping point that is reminiscent of Twitter in late 2008.

Here’s one we created at TK Carsites.

What are your thoughts? We’re compiling a full feature post on Tumblr, but I really want to hear what you think. Do you have a tumblelog? Do you know of any that you visit often? Where is Tumblr going to be in 6 months? A year? 2 years?

Let me know and we will include your thoughts in our feature post.

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  1. Yep have tumblr, it’s http://tumblr.techxplosion.net .. how good is that, it allows you to have your own domain with tumblr!

  2. I think it has an up hill battle. Google promotes Blogger and gives its blogs credit easily, while tumblr seems to have to prove itself otherwise Google treats it like a spammer or something.

    But it’s interface and the individual blogs look and feel are the current “hip” direction of web publishing, so it will get traction over time. The question is by the time it does, will it still be in vogue, or will something else and will that something else be from Google? If so, Tumblr will always be small and betamax (beta to the max).

  3. Richard Valenta

    I just started using Tumblr and love it. It is exactly what I have been looking for. An user friendly interface that allows you to post just about whatever you want with ease.

  4. @Richard –

    Make sure you check out this link and others for good seo tips.


    Tumblr is not Google friendly by default. I did a few things and it’s now much better in Google.

  5. I think tumblr is pretty awesome. I have a few tumblr blogs, one of which is: http://TheSpaceBetween-Us.tumblr.com

    I post photos of Space news and developments within NASA and stuff.

    Jim…in some ways tumblr is a bit more accessible to non-blogging types because they take all the BS out of Blogging. Login, post, and leave. So simple.

  6. Sam

    I love tumblr. I always describe it as twitter on steriods or a scaled down version of a blog.

    I think Tumblr’s great assets is that its easy to post and interesting to digest. They have great goodies like phone apps, bookmarklet, and dashboard app. As well as allowing members to post via text/email and syndicate to your twitter/facebook.


  7. Tumblr is supposed to be a place where you share your own personal ramblings. Its almost like Twitter, but its not tied down to 140 characters.

    Right now Tumblr has pretty much dipped its toe into the mainstream media. I’ve heard a few people on the streets talking about it, so it does seem to have a bit of a bright future.

  8. Tumblr is great! I’ve been a user of Tumblr since 2007 before even opening a Twitter account or blog account because it is a happy medium between a twitter and a blog. The website is pretty simple to use and I find that more and more people are getting into it. For example, reposting has grown in Tumblr giving it possibilities in viral marketing. I’m all for Tumblr!