Is social media hurting our relationships

As social networks like Facebook and Twitter have become a natural part of our daily routine, it often filters into our offline lives and conversations, therefore it must have just as much of a negative effect as it does a positive one…right?

We all have our own experiences and outcomes that connecting globally with people have left positive tracks within our lives, and although I don’t like to think about the negatives, I have often heard how social networks have turned us against one another and therefore I was wondering if others have often seen the same.

Some examples that are prominent are not adding someone as a friend on Facebook, who knew this would become such a difficult dilemma? There are some family members and friends, then and now that we simply do not want knowing details of our lives, let’s not even mention co-workers…

I know people who have deactivated an account of 200 people simply because they didn’t want to add one person and did not want to hurt their feelings. Instead of just being honest that they only want a selective few on their Facebook profile, but how do you have that conversation? As much as social sites like Facebook have become a part of our lives it does kind of sound silly not wanting to be someone’s friend.

Relationships have also been added to a somewhat complicated stature (as if they needed anything else to add complication.) People are getting jealous over who others talk to, friend, retweet and so on, as if people who are in relationships are not supposed to interact, but more often than not, this sets off arguments amongst couples, even when a relationship status has yet to be changed.

There are many positives to social media and like anything there is always a negative to balance out the source, however have we thought about how we can handle these certain types of situations? Do we even think about the full spectrum of effects social media is having on our relationships? It can’t always be sunshine and roses, but even when it rains we use an umbrella.

Therefore I think it is time we begin addressing this issue and stop allowing outside influences play major factors within our relationships, unless it is your mother-in-law… than you have no say, just kidding.


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  1. Violet

    I have completely abandoned social media. I have had friends take umbrage at innocuous posts of cat videos. People have raged against me when they were angry with my significant other. Lifelong friends have become angry with me for being tagged in a photo with a person they disliked. I have returned to sites such as facebook after being away due to illness, only to be greeted by threats to end friendships over my absence from cyberspace. Arguments between friends rage beneath status updates. People have passive-agressively deleted me, then attacked me via e-mail when I did not react to the deletion. And don’t even get me started on the political and religious arguments. These are people in their 30s and 40s, mind you. Oddly enough, many of those who behave abominably on social media sites are delightful people in real life. So, yes. Social media is hurting our relationships. Perhaps the medium was designed for a younger audience, and many “adults” are regressing? I can’t be sure. I only know that I much prefer the waking world, where people have to look each other in the eye and where we do not have to accept a request in order to initiate or sustain a friendship.