Is Social Media a Good or Bad Thing?

Good vs Evil

As with so many things in the digital age, there’s good and bad that comes with social media. To ask the question of whether or not it’s good or bad is actually pretty foolish; a meal given to a homeless person is a good act but if it’s loaded with poison it’s a bad act. There are more than 50 shades of gray when it comes to social media.

The real question is whether or not social media has had a positive or negative effect on the world in general. There are those using it to send out spam, illegal images, immoral thoughts, and attacks on others. There are those using it to spread positive messages, to communicate with people around the world or down the block, and to expose some of the wonderful things and people of the world.

For you, as social media been positive?

Did it help you find your spouse? Did it help to cause a divorce?

Does it fill your time with worthwhile activities? Does it distract you from what you really need to do?

Did it help the needed revolutions in the Middle East? Did it cause even worse regimes to be put into place?

What has social media done for you? Has it been a blessing or a curse? Are you glad that it’s here or angry that you’re stuck with it? Is it something that you use to stay connected every day or is it something you avoid because of government spying and businesses collecting your data?

What’s your sentiment towards social media as a whole?

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  1. Every small thing would be having a negative and a positive side. It is merely upon us whether we use it or make it destroy us.

  2. Nice post. Concise and making a great point: there is an up and down side to most things. Whether the whole social media thing is good or bad really depends in what you make of it (or how you allow it to impact your life).

  3. Nice post. I think sometimes social media can be anti social media because there is now no need to speak to someone as you already know what they have been up to. On the other hand social profiles like LinkedIn are certainly a good thing as they can open doors to new opportunities.