Facebook Notes

Wouldn’t it be great if you could blog straight from Facebook, without having to use dedicated blogging platforms like WordPress or Blogger? Well, that’s actually possible, because of a Facebook app known as Notes.

What is Facebook Notes?

Facebook Notes is a blog utility that lets you create posts with formatted text and embedded media files. Like all of Facebook’s tools, it works flawlessly, and it’s great fun to use. That’s why Notes has become quite popular as of lately.

But Is Notes a Substitute for WordPress or Blogger?

It can be. Notes is light, accessible, and more importantly, integrated into Facebook. These make it an attractive tool for any Facebook user. After all, why bother with a separate blogging platform when you can blog directly through Facebook?

Notes has both advantages and disadvantages compared to WordPress and to Blogger.

  • Tags

With Facebook Notes you can use tags to attract the attention of your friends, thus encouraging them to reply to your post. The way Notes uses tags is simply wonderful.

Blogs use tags as well, but they do it differently. WordPress relies on tags to sort posts, making it easier for readers to find blog posts based on tags. But while this makes blog discovery easy, it doesn’t necessarily make blog promotion so.

  • Permalinks

Facebook Notes doesn’t give you a permalink for your private notes. What’s more, for privacy reasons, Facebook will show each viewer a unique link to your note.

WordPress and Blogger, on the other hand, use permalinks effectively to make your URLs more organized and SEO friendly. Serious bloggers won’t be able to dispense with permalinks easily.

  • Media Space

With Facebook Notes there are no limitations in terms of the media space you can use. You can upload as many images, infographics, and the like as you want.

Blogger, on the other hand, offers only 1GB of free space. WordPress offers 3GB, but if you want more, you’ll have to pay for it.

  • Custom Domain

You cannot get a custom domain for your Facebook Notes, at least not yet. This can be a big deterrent for many would-be Facebook bloggers.

Getting a custom domain with both WordPress and Blogger is easy and can be done in minutes.

  • Spam

Spam is not a big problem for Facebook Notes users, not even for posts made public, since only users logged into Facebook can leave comments.

WordPress makes spammers life easy by allowing unregistered users to comment on blogs. That being said, both WordPres sand Blogger have plenty of spam-control measures in place, and spam is not usually a problem.


Notes is a cool Facebook app that many like, and some love. And one day in the not-so-distant future, after some improvements, it may become the most accessible blogging solution available for any Facebook user. But for right now, WordPress and Blogger, are more powerful blogging platforms with important features that not even Facebook aficionados can disregard.

Written by Guest Post