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Rumor has it that Facebook is partnering with HTC to produce an ‘android Facebook phone’. According to an article written on Zdnet.com, sources indicate that Facebook is collaborating with HTC to develop a “modified version of the Android operating system with a deep native Facebook functionality.” A formal invite was sent out to the world for the unveiling of what could be ‘the next best thing’. The question is, will it actually be a phone? Or is the question really, do we even want a phone?

Facebook has influenced the lives of many Americans whether they realize or not.  Social media has changed the landscape of networking and socializing greater than telephone or television. Businesses can promote their brand and services easier and faster than ever and the average person now can express themselves and their thoughts more rapidly over to a larger audience.

Marketing and advertising has now taken a new approach thanks to Facebook and other forms of social media. The internet is a constant running platform for sharing content with unlimited amount of promotions and information. Companies can now constantly market their products and service with half the amount of time and a simple post can be seen by hundreds to thousands of people at one time all by a simple click of a finger.

But, is a phone the next big milestone for the social media giant?

Such a new innovative product could either reshape the very way we communicate with each other on a daily basis or could be another piece of technology we could do without. Regardless, if you value such technology then this could be the phone for you but what is the difference between a phone and an app that does the same exact thing?

There are numerous Facebook apps today for smart phones but a whole phone dedicated to Facebook? That could be overkill. We already have enough Facebook for a few billion people and their lifetimes but do we need Facebook 24/7 365 days a year for all eternity?

In reality, why do we want a phone in the first place?

Humans love technology. Just think of the wheel and everything from that point on. If it moves, blends, sparks, drives, scrolls or updates we want it – now! However, technology has its drawbacks and we can then become lost in the consumer whirlpool, begging for an update or the latest edition of Angry Birds and pay through the nose for it.

I predict that this phone (if it is a phone) will not offer anything too innovative. We have seen most of what Facebook has to offer and people today are more distracted now than ever with gadgets rather than full service capability.

Facebook should worry about evolving social media rather than creating devices. Let’s hope for a new Wi-Fi system or a masterpiece of digital technology before we get the Facebook themed phone or another app.

Never mind the trinkets Mr. Zuckerberg, we already have a large enough issue of Texting and Driving Awareness to deal with than something that vibrates when I get a like on my status. Bring us change!

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