If you are following both Facebook and Pinterest on Twitter, you may notice how much they tweet and how often, but since all of us may not follow these two popular social sites it is hard to know which one does a better job at tweeting.

Which one do you think is #winning on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest?

This infographic from Visual.ly comes to us via Phoenix Honda and explores “Pinterest vs. Facebook On Twitter”. Click to enlarge.

Pinterest vs. Facebook On Twitter
Hat Tips: Waco Chevrolet

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  1. This is a nice infographics fight – a really fun way of comparing things. Since we are talking about Twitter and mainly Twitter stats, I would recommend you this page http://www.socialbakers.com/twitter/ where you can find lots of data regarding this social network. For example, you can find out that TOP growing user of the week, in terms of followers increase, is currently Usain St. Leo Bolt with +517 138 increase in followers.

  2. Facebook is still leading, but will Facebook last for next 5 years?

  3. Did you also notice that Pinterest do not mask out going urls? Not sure how long that will last but its a great additional resource for internet marketeers such as myself.

    Back to the original post I can see Facebook winning the popularity stakes on Pinterest.

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