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It might seem a tad bit overwhelming with all the recent changes that have occurred on Facebook and there is still more to come. Most recently, Facebook has enabled friends to see other “friend’s activities” on Facebook Pages. This means that people on Facebook can have a clearer view of what is said about pages they have both “liked”, filtering out the noise from other people.

What does this mean for Facebook Page Owners/Admins?

As you know, peer recommendation is at an ultimate high and many people search for reviews from other people, even having businesses setting up shop on other sites to retrieve reviews regarding their business. Now with Facebook’s latest change to Facebook pages, friends can see anything and everything said by other friends that share the commonality that is your page, simply by going to your page and on the left hand side, clicking on “Friend’s Activity”.

Although access to each “friend’s activity” regarding a page is located on pages, it will differ from page to page. It is dependent on shared “likes” among friends. Pages cannot view these interactions; the feature disappears as soon as you use Facebook as your page.

What does this mean for Facebook Users?

This means that you will now be able to see what your friends think of a page i.e. business, interests etc. without having to see it come through your newsfeed, asking them or by viewing their profile. Any friend’s that have “liked” the same page(s) as you and have interacted on that page via “likes”, comments etc. are now viewable to you by visiting that page(s) “friend’s activity” located on the left hand side of the page.

This can help pages with peer recommendation and for users to see peer recommendation. All owners and admins must be watchful of what interactions are happening and as always responsive to any negative sentiment. This may even encourage you to become more vigilant regarding your Facebook page. In return, this feature makes a page more valuable to its users, for now they can see what their friends think, many which who most likely target your local area.


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Written by Erin Ryan
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