Internet Sales Composite: Why KPA is Going to IS20G (and giving away scholarships)

Internet Sales 20 Group

We don’t get to post often enough about the automotive industry here simply because it’s more of a general social media blog, but this itself is newsworthy enough. The Internet Sales 20 Group is being held in Chicago from October 23-25 and promises to be a game-changer in the automotive arena. As a result, KPA is not only sponsoring but offering seven scholarships to help dealers attend.

Arguably the biggest differentiator between this and other fall conferences is the presence of Internet Sales Composites. Learn more about them in the video below.

First, let’s talk about KPA’s scholarship. Dealers who want to participate simply have to answer a question:

“What is the breakout marketing initiative that will emerge in prominence in 2013?”

Dealers can email me to my office inbox, jrucker@kpaonline, or they can post their answer on the TK Facebook wall. Here’s the video discussing the composites:

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