Instagram Klout

Klout has a way of making their users angry with every algorithm or TOS change. Since the social influence grading platform started getting big in 2010, it has been the center of more than one controversial move. This time, the move seems to be a good one as they just added Instagram to the scoring system.

They have had Instagram and other services such as Tumblr, Wordpess, and Flickr as a profile component for some time, but Instagram is now the 6th social influencing metric in one’s Klout score. There are real world and non-social components that are included such as presence in Wikipedia and pull on Bing.

This is a good move. Instagram is really starting to become a standalone service that people care about despite its connection to Facebook. It’s visual and doesn’t necessarily take true friendships for one to become popular on the service.

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Written by Michio Hasai
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