Infographics: A Revolutionary Marketing Tool [Infographic]

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Presentation is everything in the world we live in. Would you rather digest information presented to you in large blocks of text or stunning visual representations? If you favor the latter, infographics will appeal to you. Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge, and they have become a revolutionary marketing tool. A single infographic has the powerful ability to reach a massive audience—up to 15 million to be precise. Compared to traditional posts, infographic posts perform significantly better on Twitter, Linkedin, and Stumbleupon (measured by number of tweets, shares, and pageviews).

The first infographic was published in 1626, but it wasn’t until 2009 that infographics really starting gaining widespread popularity. The world is curious about these visual representations of information. The keyword “infographic” is being searched heavily on Google in the Philippines, South Africa, New Zealand, India, and the U.S. Want to learn just how many hours you spend working to pay taxes? Curious about the evolution of the geek? These infographics and so many more are available online.

To learn about the most popular infographic themes today, check out the infographic below! What’s your all-time favorite infographic? Please discuss!

State of Infographics



















































Image compliments of Top Marketing Schools.




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