In Social Media What Do YOU Want Next?

Web 3.0Most of the top social media sites have been busy in the last few months making adjustments and (arguable) improvements to their algorithms, site designs, and features.  It seems that there is a new race to offer their users incentive to stay, be active, and (hopefully) grow.

Most traffic indicators are showing that many social media sites are slowing down a bit after a peak during the heat of the election.  This can be expected as there were users who joined and became active simply to promote their candidate’s campaigns, but the trends are still a little disconcerting. is the only one of the “big 10” social media sites that seems to consistently be on the rise.  This can be attributed to smart marketing and a fluid interface that, while far from perfect, seems to be coming out with new features to keep its active users happy and new users interested.

Is there a desire for something new?  Are social media users new and old looking for something beyond the current vote, digg, thumb, or whatever the sites use to rate content?  Is there a desire for more interaction?  Are we on the verge of wanting a social hybrid that mixes social media with social networking?

What features do we want?

What features do YOU want?

That’s the question I’m posing to the audience.  Feel free to share in the comments or simply email me at if you have any suggestions.  I have been working with a company that is trying to start a new social media site that goes beyond the stereotypes, but we want to know what you want.  What features, if you could build them from scratch, would you put in the ultimate site.  Can it be Web 3.0?  Who knows, but here’s hoping.

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  1. just wanted you to say

    “You got a great site and it will be very big with time, because every article is a masterpiece and it will never loose its importance with the shade of time”

    hope to see more on reddit and MIxx in future..!!!


  2. @P@r@noid – Much, much appreciated!

    At those sending the email suggestions, thank you! The response has been much stronger than expected and the views are rather impressive. Keep ’em coming!

  3. Its only nature that we are always on the lookout for the next best thing and as with anything else, social media can lose its hype too. Its interesting to see Mixx gain popularity.

  4. Great articles. Professionally-written plus a keen research on every subject and angles. Keep it up.

  5. meatbagwtf

    Over the past 5 years or so the social space has exploded, but there’s a great deal of attrition in the space coupled with downright zombification. In other words, a lot of socially-oriented sites, even ones with really smart execution, have failed to attract enough users to be worthwhile. These sites either shut down or limp along with a small, sometimes insular userbase. The social space is an attention economy, and the number of sites a person can reasonably participate in during a given day approaches a point of saturation. I predict that successful marketroids will attempt to identify this point of saturation. Successful sites won’t offer features, they will offer a real community.

    Protip: community isn’t just about numbers either.