Ted Cruz Faith

Initially, I intended to wait until after the results of the Iowa caucus before writing this, but that doesn’t really match the tone. When you read this, you’ve probably already seen the results which is why the pre-caucus perspective is important when it comes to faith in the system and our leaders.

The nation and the world are both in God’s Hands. This doesn’t mean that we’re not responsible for doing what we can to help the process. Whether we know it or not, we are vessels of the Holy Spirit, which means that the things that must be done in this world from a political perspective (and every perspective, for that matter) is guided by our Father. That’s why I don’t get depressed by political setbacks and I don’t get haughty after political victories. Even Pharaoh was guided by the Lord to do His Will for the sake of His people.

I support Ted Cruz. I will support Ted Cruz until he proves that I shouldn’t or until he’s President. I’m against Donald Trump. It is hard to imagine a situation where he can prove that he’s worthy of the nomination or the Presidency based upon his unwillingness to stick to his guns in any political situation, but nothing is impossible. However, if he’s the President, I will support him just as I’ve supported President Obama. The office of the President of the United States should be respected and protected even if we don’t agree with the person sitting in the Oval Office.

The point of writing this before the caucus is to know that regardless of the outcome, the path moving forward should be the same for conservative Christians: we have to keep fighting. If Cruz is able to pull off the upset, we cannot get complacent. We have to keep fighting even harder. If Trump wins Iowa, we cannot get discouraged. It’s time to double down and push for Cruz to defeat him. There is nothing that can be done at this point to change the results, but regardless of what they are our push must continue.

The hours leading up to the caucus have been hard, especially knowing how important Iowa is this year. Now that it’s done, our prayers and actions should push forward with every ounce of conservatism and faith that we have.

Written by JD Rucker
JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as The New Americana, a Conservative News Aggregator. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.